Collected data

Data collected by the monitoring agent

System metrics such as CPU, Memory, Disk usage, running processes and network usage which is non personal. All metrics collected can be enabled or disabled in the configuration file.

Monitoring data collected by our API

Numerical data which can be attached to custom key labels by the customer. The key labels are set by the customer and can be alphanumeric

Customer data during trial sign up

Upon creating a trial account we collect the users e-mail address. We use this to notify the user about their new account and help them get started by contacting them through e-mail.

Customer data change of subscription

If the user decides to change their plan we collect their billing information we need for invoices. This includes the address, business name. This can be viewed on the billing page.

3rd party data transfers

This is a list of companies we work with where personal data may be transferred for business purposes.

Amazon AWS

E-mail delivery


Payment processing


Payment processing


Payment processing


Accounting and invoicing


Customer Support


Infrastructure security


G Suite for business productivity and e-mail.

Website analytics


Server infrastructure, including storage of personal data.

GDPR data rights

If you wish to exercise your rights, email your request to and we will reply within 30 days.

The right to be informed

This document is reproduced in part on our website and fulfills all the requirements for this right.

The right to rectification

Product users can update all their information through our web UI.

The right to object

No specifics

The right to restrict processing

No specifics

Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling

We do not do any automated decision making or profiling

The right to erasure

Users can have their accounts removed by e-mailing us.

Backup retention applies and is 28 days

Billing information is retained for 7 years for tax purposes.

The right of access

Billing information can be provided on request.

Product users can request all their information through our Settings tab on the dashboard.

We can provide a record of ticket communications through searching for the user identifier e.g. chat transcripts in Crisp