How to Monitor CloudLinux Servers

Our CloudLinux plugin provides a lot of per user metrics such as I/O Usage, Networking as well as several other metrics.

CloudLinux is a custom kernel that allows system administrators to specify custom restrictions for users. This prevents a machine from being overloaded by a single client or a poorly written script. It's mainly used by shared webhosting companies. The CloudLinux module for Nixstats provides several per user metrics described below.

CloudLinux Metrics

The following metrics are available from the CloudLinux monitoring plugin. Source code is available on GitHub.

  • mCPU

    Max CPU usage

  • aCPU

    Average CPU usage

  • lCPU

    CPU Limit

  • aEP

    Average Entry Processes

  • mEP

    Max Entry Processes

  • lEP

    maxEntryProc limit

  • aVMem

    Average Virtual Memory Usage

  • mVMem

    Max Virtual Memory Usage

  • lVMem

    Virtual Memory Limit

  • VMemF

    Out Of Memory Faults

  • EPf

    Entry processes faults

  • aPMem

    Average Physical Memory Usage

  • mPMem

    Max Physical Memory Usage

  • lPMem

    Physical Memory Limit

  • aNproc

    Average Number of processes

  • mNproc

    Max Number of processes

  • lNproc

    Limit of Number of processes

  • PMemF

    Out Of Physical Memory Faults

  • NprocF

    Number of processes faults

  • aIO

    Average I/O

  • mIO

    Max I/O

  • lIO

    I/O Limit