How to Monitor HAProxy

Our HAProxy plugin allows you to monitor metrics such as requests per second, connection stats and much more.

The haproxy monitoring plugin monitors several metrics such as requests per second, connections, queue and more. These metrics are available per backend/frontend. Setting up monitoring for NGiNX with Nixstats is easy, you can read more at our helpdesk.

HAProxy Metrics

The following metrics are available from the HAProxy monitoring plugin. Source code is available on GitHub.

  • qmax

    Maximum queue

  • weight


  • wretr

    Connections retries

  • slim

    Session limit

  • comp_byp

    number of bytes that bypassed the HTTP compressor (CPU/BW limit)

  • comp_rsp

    number of HTTP responses that were compressed

  • rate

    Session rate

  • wredis


  • comp_out

    number of HTTP response bytes emitted by the compressor

  • rate_max

    Max. session rate

  • comp_in

    number of HTTP response bytes fed to the compressor

  • stot

    cumulative number of sessions

  • bout

    Bytes Out

  • bin

    Bytes In

  • smax

    Maximum sessions

  • lbtot

    Total number of times a server was selected, either for new sessions, or when re-dispatching. The server counter is the number of times that server was selected.

  • dreq

    Denied requests

  • econ

    Error connections

  • qcur

    Current queue

  • eresp

    Error responses

  • cli_abrt

    number of data transfers aborted by the client

  • srv_abrt

    number of data transfers aborted by the server (inc. in eresp)

  • scur

    Current sessions

  • slim

    Session limit

  • rate

    Session rate

  • req_rate

    HTTP request rate

  • rate_max

    Max. session rate

  • hrsp_1xx

    HTTP 1xx

  • ereq

    Request errors

  • dcon

    Denied Connections

  • hrsp_4xx

    HTTP 4xx

  • req_tot

    total number of HTTP requests received

  • dresp

    responses denied because of security concerns. - For http this is because of a matched http-request rule, or "option checkcache".

  • hrsp_other

    HTTP Other

  • conn_rate_max

    highest known conn_rate

  • hrsp_5xx

    HTTP 5xx

  • dreq

    Denied requests

  • req_rate_max

    Max HTTP request rate

  • conn_tot

    cumulative number of connections

  • smax

    Maximum sessions

  • conn_rate

    number of connections over the last elapsed second

  • dses

    requests denied by "tcp-request session" rules

  • scur

    Current sessions

  • rate_lim

    Session rate limit

  • intercepted

    cum. number of intercepted requests (monitor, stats)

  • hrsp_2xx

    HTTP 2xx

  • hrsp_3xx

    HTTP 3xx