How to Monitor PHP-FPM

Keep track of your PHP-FPM server performance metrics such as requests per second, dropped requests and more.

PHP-FPM provides various metrics thru their status page. Setting up monitoring for PHP-FPM with Nixstats is easy, you can read more at our helpdesk.

PHP-FPM Metrics

The following metrics are available from the PHP-FPM monitoring plugin. Source code is available on GitHub.

  • accepted_conn

    The total amount of accepted client connections per second.

  • accepted_conn_per_second

    The amount of client connections/requests per second.

  • active_processes

    Currently running active processes.

  • idle_processes

    Currently processes in idle state.

  • listen_queue

    The number of connections that have been initiated but not yet accepted.

  • listen_queue_len

    The maximum number of connections that will be queued. Once this limit is reached, subsequent connections will be refused or ignored. As connections are accepted, the queue length will be reduced.

  • max_active_processes

    The maximum amount of active processes since the start of php-fpm.

  • max_children_reached

    The maximum amount of children reached since the start of php-fpm.

  • max_listen_queue

    The maximum value the listen queue has reached since the start of php-fpm.

  • pool

    Name of the php-fpm pool.

  • slow_requests

    Amount of requests that exceeded your request_slowlog_timeout value.

  • start_since

    Seconds that php-fpm has been running.

  • start_time

    Unix timestamp of start date.

  • total_processes

    Number of idle plus active processes.